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komodo toursKomodo Tours aims to bring you to Komodo Island and surroundings in Komodo National Park. On Komodo Tours, we bring you to Komodo National Park to discover Komodo Dragon, the biggest living Lizard on Earth. That is the only place in the world to meet these majestic dragons. And we bring you there for a once in a life experience.

Our Komodo tours mostly operates from Bali island, Indonesia. Although we have an Office in Labuan Bajo but we meet our Clients in Bali, Indonesia. Because Bali has good international connections in terms of flights from all over the world. And it is easy to get to Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo from Bali. since there are daily flights from Bali to Labuan Bajo, therefore it is easier to do Komodo tours from Bali, Indonesia. We also do Komodo tours from Labuan Bajo as Labuan Bajo is the launching point to Komodo National Park. So, in case you are already in Labuan Bajo, you can go with us to explore Komodo National Park.

How to plan Komodo Tours?

Are you planning to go on Komodo tours from Bali? it is important to know the best time to visit Komodo and Rinca island. The best time to visit Komodo and Rinca Island is during the dry season, from April to December. You can trek in the park and see the Komodo dragons all year around. Although between July to August and September to November the dragons are less active due to the mating and nesting seasons. I was there in July, the weather was perfect, hot, sunny, and we got to see some dragons. Overall it was a great experience even being during a quiet month.

Before decide to go on Komodo Tours, check the flights to Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo from Bali. it is easy to get the flight as there are few flight carrier operate the planes to Labuan Bajo. Check the schedule carefully in order to visit the more highlights of Komodo Tours in effective way. When you have enough time, then stay around Labuan Bajo before and after Komodo tours. Otherwise take a first flight to Labuan Bajo and get directly on Boat for Komodo tours.

What is the best of Komodo Tours?

We offer the best Komodo tours to visit the highlights of Komodo National Park. It is difficult to say which Komodo Tours is the best as a good option. Honestly, it depends on your personal reason why you go to komodo island. we summarize some Komodo tours as featured below for your references. We have Komodo tour, Komodo dragon tour, Komodo island tour, Komodo Highlights tour, Flores Komodo tour and Wae Rebo Komodo tour.

All Komodo tours in our feature list are the most asked by our customers. But we are happy to work on tailor made program of komodo tours. Please feel free to contact us anytime you plan to go to Komodo island.

KOMODO TOURS; Komodo Dragon Island Indonesia

Choose Your Komodo island tours at one place with Ease

Our Komodo Island Tours focus to offer tours to Komodo Island Indonesia. Komodo is a name of an Island inside of Komodo National Park. It considers as one of the biggest Islets where The Dragon, the biggest living Lizard, was firstly discovered by the world scientific in 1912, Lieutenant J. K. H. van Steyn van Henbroek. Therefore, we call it now as “Komodo Dragon” (Varanus Komodoensis). This animal is called “ORA” by the locals and is an endangered animal because these animals are endemic animals. Endemic means this animal only lives in certain areas.

The highlight of Komodo Island Tours is Komodo Dragons. Komodo Dragons only lives on an island like Komodo Island. They are also live in Rinca Island, Gili Motong, Gili laba and in the North Side of Flores Island like in Riung and Pota. Komodo dragons are carnivorous animals and these animals have a rather elongated tongue shape and are forked at the tip like a snake’s tongue. Research shows that the tip of the forked tongue serves to “taste” its food. These animals usually make nests underground. Komodo dragons are the star of the show during your Komodo Island tours. But the natural spectacle in Komodo National Park goes beyond those dangerous lizards.

The best tour to see Komodo Dragon in Komodo Island Indonesia

Komodo island tour is a best way to discover the Komodo dragons in their habitat. So, the highlight of Komodo island tour is Komodo dragon. Therefore, we have to visit Komodo and Rinca island where the most Komodo dragons live. Komodo and Rinca island are inside of Komodo National Park. On Komodo island tour, We have the opportunities to explore surrounding Komodo and Rinca island. Komodo dragon is star of the show in Komodo national park. Actually, there are many other things to see such as fabulous Pink Beach, enchanting view from Padar Island and also superb underwater paradise for snorkelers and divers.

How big is Komodo Dragon?

Komodo Dragon is the largest land reptile in the world with average length 2-3 meters. This large size is related to the symptoms of island gigantism, namely the tendency of the body to behave certain animals that live on small islands. It is associated with the absence of carnivorous mammals on the island where dragons live, and a small metabolic rate of dragons. Because of their size, these lizards occupy the top predator position that dominates the ecosystem in which they live.

Dragon only lives on an island called Komodo Island, Indonesia. Komodo dragons including carnivorous animals. These animals have a rather elongated tongue shape and are forked at the tip like a snake’s tongue. Research shows that the tip of the forked tongue serves to “taste” its food. These animals usually make nests underground.