Komodo Island Tour from Gili Lombok is also another way to get to Komodo Island in Komodo National Park. But what is the best way to get to Komodo Island from Gili Lombok Island? It is a most important question and we offer some alternatives to answer above question as below:

Komodo Island Tour from Gili Lombok with Local wooden Boat

We offer some trips with local wooden Boat from Gili and Lombok Island to Komodo Island Flores Indonesia. Some stops on the way is part of the program to discover the highlights such as Snorkeling around Moyo Island in Sumbawa. Satonda Island is another stop to visit the Salt Water Lake and also enjoy the stunning view of Sunset over Gili Bola Island. Swimming and snorkeling are everywhere possible on the way and our local Guide on Boat will explain to every guests what to do and not to do.

komodo island tour from gili lombok

Ready for Komodo Dragon?

Komodo Dragon is the highlights of visiting Komodo Island. But the natural spectacle in Komodo National Park goes beyond those dangerous lizards. Komodo Island is the biggest island in the National Park and has the biggest population of dragons. You will get another instruction and follow the rangers, a quick stop to snap a photo if you see the dragon. Trekking in Komodo Island is about 1 hour 30 minutes until 2 hours and it is easy as you go under the shadow since Komodo Island is more fertile comparing to RInca.

komodo island tour from gili lombok

Trekking in Padar Island

When you anchor in Padar Island, the hills seemed to be way probably higher than you expected. Prepare your good shoes Shoes on and just do it. I is there for the view and take your camera, do not leave without your dream photo.

To reach the summit we need to walk around 30 minutes to one hour. The terrain is tough, sandy and with some loose rocks, you need strength and balance to keep moving up. But for every step, every meter you go up, the view you get from the island and the beaches around gives you the power to keep moving. You gonna sweat, you gonna be tired, and you gonna be in ecstasy when you arrive at the top. So far, Trekking in Padar is one of the most rewarding trekking trails in Komodo National Park.

Snorkeling around Komodo National Park

Snorkeling around Komodo Island is as spectacular as you could imagine. With brightly colored coral and an incredible array of marine life, it should come as no surprise that nearly all of the dive companies offer snorkeling trips to this area. However, it is important to note that anyone going out snorkeling should be a strong swimmer, as conditions can change quite quickly.

komodo island tour from gili lombok

Pink Beach Komodo Island

A trip to Komodo Island is packed with adventure and natural beauty, and Pink Beach is the perfect combination of both. This little piece of paradise is famous for the pinkish sand, a mix of white sand and little pieces of red corals brought by the waves. A surreal scenery, with a transparent warm sea, and an immense amount of colored fishes and preserved coral.

The trees by the beach make it the perfect spot for relaxing and sunbathing. But if you are still seeking for more adventure, Pink Beach won’t disappoint you. It’s time to discover the underwater biodiversity of Komodo National Park. In Pink Beach or close by,  you can do snorkeling and scuba diving, pick your favorite and enjoy hours of fun.

Komodo Island Tour from Gili Lombok by Flight

It is also possible to do Komodo Island Tour from gili Lombok by Flights. There is a direct Flight from Lombok Airport to Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo, then direct transfer to the Harbor. At the Harbor, all local wooden boats are ready to escort you to explore the Komodo National park. We strongly recommended to arrange your trip far in advance, not on the spot. It is to avoid that you get a last-minute price or there is no Boats available.

Komodo tours from Labuan bajo is the best way to explore komodo dragon Island. Labuan Bajo is the launching point to Komodo National Park. Komodo and Rinca Island are inside of Komodo National park. All tours to Komodo Island starts from Labuan Bajo except some shore excursions from international Cruises Ships.